Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Milly!

A puppy very near and dear to Molly and Maizey's heart turns one year old today! Last weekend the girls and I went down to Richmond to celebrate Milly's birthday :) I know all you non-dog owning skeptics out there think I am insane, let me just clarify that Milly's mom is one of my very best friends and baby Milly is a cavie just like my girls and it had been a while since we all got to hang out. The puppy party was just a fun excuse for me to finally drive down to Richmond and say hello. AND it provided an opportunity for me to make the first batch of sugar cookies in our new kitchen.

I've had this cupcake cookie cutter since last summer but had yet to try it out. LOVE THEM, and I think its really versatile. I am envisioning, Christmas, Halloween, St. Pattys Day etc. cupcakes :)

I was very nervous about piping on the letters, you can see that the blue was little bit runnier than the pink and yellow, but all in all they turned out very legible.

These guys, like most cookies I suppose, looked much cuter all displayed at the party...along with a puppy cake, and milk bones for the dogs, and some puppy chow for the people.

And just because they are cute, here's the girls all getting into some peanut butter puppy cake!

Happy Birthday Baby Milly!!! Thanks for having us at your party.


Natalie said...

Awww Milly is so honored she got her own post! We were SO excited that y'all could come down to hang out. The puppies playing together was probably one of the most entertaining things ever-must be done again soon.

Mike and I took care of most of the cupcakes ourselves, but I did leave a few with Maribeth since I figured the M could be for her too haha. Of course, everyone was super impressed with them.

We miss you already!

Stori said...

That is too cute!