Sunday, April 5, 2009

Robin's Egg Green

This week, Bakerella has some of the cutest Easter cake pops I've ever seen... and I REALLY wanted to make some cute Easter eggs. So I baked my cake on wed. night and made what turned out to be excessively large egg shaped cake balls... I dipped them on Thursday and they were too big to stay on a stick and made a huge mess but I persevered and just made cake balls instead of pops. I had visions of coating some in pink, some in blue some in purple, some in chocolate etc. but I was quickly loosing excitement for my Easter eggs and did most of them in dark chocolate and some in pale green merckens coating.

Then I got out all my sanding sugar and the tiny tube of pre-made white piping gel that I thought would dry super fast and make my life easy... then I realized that I didn't even have pink sanding sugar, and I was really disappointed. So I kind of slapped some sprinkles on the chocolate dipped eggs, some had purple some had green. They were NOT the multicolored beauties I had envisioned. The piping icing I bought never hardened (still isn't hard today) and Sean thought it looked like I used Elmer's glue to put the sprinkles on... so I admittedly gave up and left the green cake eggs totally plain. I mean they still tasted good.

Then as I was going to the grocery store yesterday morning I had this brilliant inspiration to speckle the green cake eggs like a Robin's egg... except i didn't really know how to approach it. I considered taking a side trip to wallyworld to try and find food markers like Bakerella uses, but then i reconsidered since the economy sucks and I am trying to curb my impulsive "needless" shopping. I decided I'd figure out some other way to make it work. AND I Did!

I mixed up about a teaspoon of coco powder with about a tablespoon of milk and threw in a little bit of powdered sugar... then used a tiny paint brush to dot it on hapahazardly. i took these pictures almost immediately and you can tell that the speckles aren't dry, but within about and hour they had totally dried and are a permanent fixture on the green eggs. I LOVE them.

So the moral of the story is... Even though I admire and even covet Bakerella's precious cake balls, I am not Bakerella, and my medium is NOT chocolate. I can do just about anything you want with a cookie and royal icing, but I don't really like to EAT cookies. I LOVE to eat cake balls, but I am not patient enough to do them up all cutesy.

You'd think I've learned my lesson, but I am currently fighting the urge to bake another cake, make tons more tiny eggs, and coat them in pink, blue, purple, yellow and speckle the heck out of them. You're picturing them too, aren't you?


Texas Lady said...

what did you use to dip the cake balls in? I've used chocolate bark, but it never turns out that smooth.

Flour Blossoms College Station, TX said...

I used Mercken's coating wafers, which is a compound coating chocolate. It doesn't need to be tempered... but chocolate bark should be the same thing.

Once you have chocolate all over them shake them pretty good, that will help the excess chocolate fall off and smooth things out.

I also added a tiny bit of "paramount flakes" (I had to order them, but if you have a good local candy/craft shop you might be able to find them). They are pure shortening that just thins out the chocolate a bit and still allows it to set up.

Also be careful that you don't get any water in your chocolate... That will really make it hard to work with. Sometimes i have to fish out bits of cake that gets in mine and makes it goopy as well.

Crazy About Cakes said...

Very clever and cute!